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I remember whose brown curly hair I inherited..

I have my dad’s dark curly hair­­ and I found out that’s not all.

Many years ago my dad’s sister, Shirley had breast cancer. She is close to 80 years old now­­ healthy, vibrant, and happy. However, more than a decade ago, her daughter, my cousin Donna, with that same dark curly hair was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. She was a young mother, who left behind a husband and a beautiful daughter when she lost her battle with breast cancer prior to her 40th birthday.

Some time later, Shirley reported to my two sisters and me that there was a genetic test that we could take that would tell us if we had the gene mutation­­ that breast cancer marker. At that time in the U.S. it seemed risky to be labeled with a preexisting condition by the insurance company so I brushed it off for that reason. It just didn’t seem like a good idea.

Then two summers ago I met my dear friend Bonnie. As I got to know her she talked about her precious daughter, Holly who had passed away. When I asked what had happened to her daughter, the story she told me reminded me of Shirley and Donna. It sent off bells and whistles in my brain. It was a wake up call, for you see, I too have a precious daughter, Molly. Continue Reading