Cancer sucks. It’s a frustrating, illogical and painful disease that touches almost all of us in some way. Treatment is challenging and often sickening which can build a strength in people they never realized they had. Such a brutal disease has brought so many amazing people together to complete outstanding achievements and build a hope and love for every single moment available to us. For some of us, cancer has taught us to embrace life. 

There’s another side to cancer though, one that has touched a new generation of adults. We have witnessed our parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents suffer through the awful disease, and for us, cancer has taught us to worry. We have grown up in a world where cancer is common. We are surrounded by constant chatter about what we should and shouldn’t eat, which tests are good and which are bad. We are constantly faced with decisions that weigh convenience and health and we feel pressured to somehow find the answers. It can be very overwhelming when mixed with our own emotions and cancer experiences. We started the As Much As I Can website to help this group of people navigate through their fears and find clear information on cancer testing and prevention.

As Much As I Can is a collection of stories, educational articles and news about cancer prevention and testing. It’s an online space for people to find support and information. The main contributor, documenting her cancer prevention journey, is Nicole French, a mother of two and Midland, Ontario local who lost her mom at the age of 17.

As Much As I Can is a collaboration between Anna Hartman from the Georgian Bay Cancer Support Centre, Nicole French and Kelly Moss.